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EPC National are experienced in the delivery of SAP calculations and efficiently achieving the pass rating that you require. We ease your passage through the complicated requirements by providing a high quality, hassle free service at very economical rates.

Off site

Unlike EPC’s for existing dwellings, a SAP EPC can be produced ‘remotely’ (without the need to visit site) from information supplied by the client at both the design stage and completion stage of the project. Initially a Predictive Energy Assessment report (PEA) is produced based upon the intended design criteria then the final SAP EPC is produced as part of the completion process to ensure that the design criteria have been met.


sap epcs


Involve us early

We will work with you throughout your project and provide on-going advice on the options that you may want to consider in order to ensure that compliance is achieved as cost-effectively as possible. It is never too early to get a SAP Consultant involved so please contact us with as much information about your project as soon as you can.


Get in touch

A SAP may also be required for existing residential buildings that are being extended or renovated. Get in touch for further advice and to find out how we can help you.

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